Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Studed-Zipper Love tops
White (Sold)
Dark grey (Sold)
RM 38

Studed Skirts @ RM 40
Beige (Sold)
Dark Blue (Sold)


Tops available at RM 38
Light Pink (Sold)
Blue (Available)

Studed-Zipper Pants @ RM 4o

Blue jeans (sold)
Black Cotton (Sold)

Accessories @ RM 20
Thicker light brown (1 Sold, 1 Available)
Thinner dark brown (1 Sold, 1Available)


This chiffon top can be formal to informal
Red (Sold)
Pink (Available)

RM 40

Monday, August 24, 2009


Add-On your sweetness!!
Small print (Sold)
Big print (sold)
RM 40

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Studed Hairband

Studed hairband~~ love it
Brown (sold)
Pink (sold)
Blue (sold)
Beige (sold)


These earrings are my favorites accessories recently..easy matching...and totally spice up myself from others...
RM 15 each

All sold out

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

high waisted pants

For high waisted pants lover, you would not want to miss this!!
UK 4-8
Smocking at the back of the pant
RM 40

Casual tops

Counting down from top to bottom
1)GuitarHero-White (Sold)
2)Heads up-White (Sold)
3)Cameras-White (Sold)
4) Bodian (Sold)
5) Messy green (Sold)
6)Samurai-Brown (Available)
7) i love shoes-Brown (Sold)
8) Japan Japan-Brown (Sold)
9) I love music-Brown (Available)
RM 38

Pant @ RM 40 (Sold)

Jack in Town

Jack in Town comes with two colors
Blue (Sold)
Grey (Sold)
RM 50


Blue strip (Available)
Black dots (Sold)
Black check (Sold)

RM 38
Black (Sold)
RM 40


Dresses comes in 2 colors
Green (Sold)
Red (Sold)
RM 45